April drop offs

Thank you to everyone who donated recently, these are our April donations. Each and every SINGLE donation makes a difference. Baragwanath Hospital Donation Bethesda House Chance House Chance House Easter donations to various homes Ekukhanyeni Hayani, Revelation of God Heidelberg

Puo educational products

“Every 14 days a language dies, taking with it a wealth of knowledge about history, culture, and the natural environment.  Passing on a language to children is challenging without materials available in that language. Puo Educational Products ( Puo) is

Cape Town Maternity packs

Last year a friend of mine asked to help support her and her church as they wanted to bless moms with maternity packs, this is what Hannah had to say….. “During the festive season last year, as members of a Southpoint Church


I just love this “everything baby” website! They have the coolest products and are also socially responsible by advertising our services on their “donate” page. Check them out here.