Babies behind bars packing day

If you have any unwanted goods or clothing, Babies Behind Bars will be happy to take it off your hands and find it a new home. They accept second hand clothing (in good condition to pass on), baby toiletries, nappies, food, formula, toys,

February donations

We were so blessed to help many homes in February. Amongst some of the homes were Beinvenu shelter, Bethesda, Solidarity and Manacare in Walkerville. Thank you to each and every donor. We’re very excited for our maternity pack day on

Beautiful dolls!!!!

Last week ladies from a retirement village donated these BEAUTIFULLY hand-knitted dolls to us. Thank you so much ladies! We will use them for our next batch of maternity packs.  If you or a friend are keen to knit some

January donations

Thank you sincerely to all our donors for the amazing donations we received this month! We received two beautiful cots, bouncy chairs, toys, bumbos, a pram, baby seats, clothes, teddies, toiletries, nappies. We really appreciate every donation we get! Homes

2014 Newsletter

Welcome 2015!!! We are back and so excited to help others this year, to change even more lives, to donate even more nappies and to help even more new moms in need. For those that did not receive our 2014