Kinderelo Sale!!

The sun hasn’t set on summer just yet! Our toes are still warm and our noses are still red, we wish summer would never end! There’s still time to soak up our summer best-sellers. We see many more trips to

Music Box

One of our drop offs points is Music Box, here’s a bit more about what they do. Music Box is a pre-music program for babies and children in Nursery/Pre  Primary and Special needs school environments.  Our focus is learning through

Raising bilingual children

I have always been fluent in English as well as Afrikaans and think that being bilingual is such an advantage (especially to children). My friend has started a MULTILINGUAL school and I think this is a FANTASTIC idea. Here’s more info

Charity SA

We have some wonderful news! We have been listed on, an amazing website about all things CHARITY! Check it out for charities in your area, events you can support, charity shops etc.