“A number of South African mothers find themselves in a desperate situation where they have no money or home to take care of their newborn babies, and out of fear and helplessness, they abandon their babies. Reports revealed that in Johannesburg alone, at least three babies are abandoned every day.” (News24.com)

This heartbreaking reality is what motivated us to start our very own maternity packs project, which we launched in 2013 on Nelson Mandela Day.

The aim of our maternity packs is to help moms and babies in need in government hospitals and clinics – with the ultimate aim of restoring hope – something we are very passionate about!

These packs are distributed to government hospitals, clinics and organisations within Gauteng and include:

  • Babygro (Newborn/0-3 months)
  • Baby vest (Newborn/0-3 months)
  • Baby beanie
  • Blanket
  • S

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