It all started in July 2012, when Amy gave birth to her first child, a beautiful little girl named Erin Grace. While Amy was on maternity leave, she decided to donate baby clothes and toiletries she wasn’t using. She wondered who could put them to best use as none of her friends or family were expecting.

Not knowing what else to do, she would drive to the Spar behind her house, find out which car guards had babies at home, and donate the items that she had loaded in the boot of her car. But she wanted to make an even bigger impact.

And so, her baby girl Erin Grace, became the inspiration behind this bountiful charity – The Grace Factory. Having her second baby prematurely in 2015 motivated her to start making maternity packs for premature babies as well.

Through it, The Grace Factory has brought a ray of hope to over 19 000 anxious new mothers and babies, and assisted over 150 children’s organisations so far, by providing them with much needed essentials such as clothing, toiletries, nappies, etc.

Establishing and running an NPO is a big job – even more so when you already have a full-time job and are mom to three little girls. Amy could never have imagined that giving away surplus baby clothes and accessories could lead her to establish an NPO and that it would help so many people!