Beautiful spring day – making a difference

On Saturday we had our second annual #GraceFactorySocial. Words can’t express how humbled we are every year at this event. It was a beautiful Spring day, see these awesome pics, they speak for themselves!







Thank you to our sponsors, without whom this event would not have been possible:

  • Andrea Barras for the design work and invites
  • Natalie Gormall of Creationography for the pics (to be published soon)
  • Pastry Angel for the cupcakes (WOW – delicious!)
  • Penny for her magnificent venue and pony rides
  • Enrista for the coffee
  • Ciro for the gift bags
  • Macaroon, Bennett’s, Afrochinobaby, Naartjie, Korango, Johnson’s Baby and McNab’s for the prizes
  • Victoria for the face painting
  • Andrew from Wires and Wireless for the hotdogs
  • Nickerbockledoodlebug for the soft play area for the kids (the kids LOVED this area!)
  • Westerman’s Premium for the seed bells

Sam, Tanya and Sharon – you ladies are awesome, reliable and I REALLY appreciate your willingness to always help.