Cape Town Maternity packs

Last year a friend of mine asked to help support her and her church as they wanted to bless moms with maternity packs, this is what Hannah had to say…..

“During the festive season last year, as members of a Southpoint Church community group, we were given the opportunity to be involved in Northpoint’s annual ‘Be Rich’ campaign. Each community group was challenged to identify a need in their community which they felt they could fill in some way. As a group of young parents and couples with babies on the way, we are acutely aware of the strain and stress that a new mother goes through, even when from our privileged circumstances. We set out to find a way to make the first experiences of motherhood more manageable for single mothers who had no social or financial support.

After much debate we decided to put together a ‘box of essentials’ that would give new mothers items which were necessary for their stay in hospital, recovery and for the first period with their new babes at home as well as items which would make all of these phases more pleasant and manageable.

After refining our list and realising just how big the task we had undertaken was, we were extremely relieved and fortunate to have a relationship with The Grace Factory whose generous contributions to this project exceeded any of our hopes.

After reviewing several options we decided to give these bags to Mater Domini, a non-profit organization in Cape Town that provides a home and support for pregnant women and new mothers. They aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment where the women can rest, heal and grow. It enables the new babies to be born into a place of love, support and care, where the mothers can start out afresh on this new journey. It was a truly humbling experience being able to gift those 15 new mothers with these bags. Seeing how these items that so many of us take for granted on a daily basis can make such a big impact on the lives of those in need.

Taking part in the project turned out to be a very important reminder of what God’s priorities are and what He wants for us as givers as well as for those of His people who are desperately in need. During our frantic lives, it is all too easy to reduce our giving to a financial transaction that is no more than a fleeting moment.  Spending time and energy being truly mindful of those who are in need as well as giving to them financially gives the concept of giving a whole new meaning. At the end of the day true giving, the way God intended, changes the giver as well.”

PLEASE remember we have expanded to Cape Town, contact to donate or @NikkiLincoln on Twitter.