Dear friends,

We have some exciting news for you! Here at The Grace Factory, we are partnering with Different. Org, and this means that we are able to increase our impact and help to change South Africa into the brighter version of itself. To help us in our journey, click here to see our project.

The Grace Factory aims empower new mothers and give them the chance to start their child’s life in a positive way. We are assisting new mothers, who have visited a South African government hospital for the delivery of their baby, by giving them a gift pack. They will be giving out 500 packs, which include an outfit, a blanket, nappies, cream (bum and aqueous) and a toy for the baby as well as maternity pads for the mother.

Different.org is a fundraising platform that is passionate about change and creating a lasting impact in the lives of many South Africans. They want to empower people and make a difference in the way that they give pack to their country, as 100% of donations made go to the cause and for this project they are matching every donation R1 for R1 until the funding goal has been reached. So now you understand our excitement.

Our project has just started and we can use all the help we can in order to maximise our impact

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