Give books, changes lives : Puo

This Festive Season Puo are asking for your help.  Puo’s goal is to deliver 10,000 books as gifts to children who cannot afford them. Only 7% of schools in South Africa have a functioning library. This means that the majority of our children do not enjoy the benefits of storybooks. Your collective pledges will help change the lives of thousands of children by giving them the gift of brand new books, published in South Africa’s 11 official languages.

How will they do this?

1. Kindly send them your pledge amount to for invoicing purposes

2. They will deliver to these 3 NGO partners:     The Shine Centre     Nal’ibali     Biblionef

3. They will deliver to the children who are beneficiaries of their respective community programmes. Every child should experience the joy and related benefits of reading.

Thank you for making it possible!

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