Hotel Hope

In the coming weeks we will be featuring orphanages we support, from the point of view of the volunteers who help us. This week we are featuring the AMAZING Hotel Hope, in Melville.

See what Alyson Pretorius had to say :

“My experience of Hotel Hope Ministries in Mellville on 06 April 2013 was a life changing one. I was very unsure of what to expect, but after spending the morning with these awesome little angels, I left feeling fulfilled, blessed and grateful. The atmosphere at this wonderful home is one of joy, happiness and contentment. These children are so balanced and loved. Oliver and the team were a total revelation to most of us. He is a true angel of mercy and is running this wonderful care centre in the most efficient, loving and balanced way. I could almost visualise a halo above his head as I have very rarely seen anyone with as much passion and love for others. What an awesome experience and I just can’t wait until the next drop off. It also made me realise that the need out there is so huge and this is also the reason why the Grace Factory has grown from a tiny idea in a loving mom’s head to a huge charity making a difference in the community. Well done Amy and the team. You are making a huge difference.”

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