How our “thanking system” works

Due to the very unique nature of how we collect donations (various collection points in Gauteng), we don’t always come into direct contact with our donors. Which sometimes poses a problem, as we arrive at a collection point, pick up 5 black bags full of donations and have no idea who these donations come from.

Some collection points have the resources (time and staff) to write down exactly who gave which donation – but this is the exception and by no means the norm. Most collection points are schools or busy businesses and if you drop your child off at a school in the morning, you know how rushed the morning drill can be, bags, juice bottles, extra clothes, donations for TGF etc.

You may wonder why this has been mentioned, and it’s due to the fact that some of our donors get angry (and sometimes unkind) towards us as they never received a hand written note of thanks. This is by NO MEANS our intention, as sometimes we didn’t even know that Jane Soap was the one who donated the 2-3 year old clothes and the pink bumbo……

Due to the professional way our charity is run, you may think it is run by a team of people, but it is only run by 1.25 people. Alison (full time volunteer) and myself (work full day for a company and spend weekends and evenings doing TGF work).

When we have time we chose to fetch donations, sort donations, drop off donations (OUR MAIN GOAL), take pics of donations dropped off (so people can see we’re legit), cut blankets for maternity packs, sew blankets (as it’s cheaper than buying), source best maternity pad prices for maternity packs, keep social media up to date, update website, try get funding (haven’t succeeded at that yet), try get people to sign up for my school, source best price nappies, drop off maternity packs at hospitals and clinics…….

SO if we don’t humanly possible have enough time to find who donated every single donation and write a hand written note to that donor, please find it in your heart to forgive us.

On that note, if you have donated to a collection point – would you please help us and email us at to inform us of your donation, so that we can personally thank you – which is ultimately what we would love to do, as we are a charity with an extremely grateful heart!

To those people who have not been thanked in person, we sincerely apologise, as this was by NO means intentional. We are kind, caring, loving and ultimately serving people who never mean to offend or hurt, or EXCLUDE anyone. May you continue to be blessed and to be a blessing!