If you haven’t got involved, now is the time!!

Calling All People of the South!

The Santa Shoebox Project – Johannesburg South is reaching Drop Off Day, with only 10 days to go.  We are still 800 boxes short of achieving our goal of making 3674 children from the South’s hearts very happy this Christmas.  Please assist us to bring smiles to all of these children by pledging and sharing this message!

Our greatest need at the moment is for teenager’s boxes – please consider pledging a box for a teen, its easy –

1.  Just log onto www.santashoeproject.co.za

2.  Click on Pledge a Box

3.  Register as a Donor (takes 2 minutes)


5.  Select the Age and Gender of the child(ren) you wish to give a Santa Shoebox to

6.  Complete the process

7.  All information on what to include in the box is available on the website. Useful tips, advise and images are available on https://www.facebook.com/SantaShoebox

Some donors think that packing for a teenager is difficult, here is what our donors have said and suggested:

“The teen boys are fun to pack for. Pep had awesome T shirts and shorts, underpants. You can put deodorant in, wallets, packs of cards, waboba moon balls, caps and then all the usual school stationary. I always choose a teen boy.”

“It’s not that difficult to get things for older kids! The clothing might be a bit more expensive because they are wearing adult clothing! I have obviously omitted the toy with the exception of the 11 year old. I’ve packed teen sanitary pads, deodorant, body spritzer and sparkly body cream, lipgloss, bangles, maths set, calculator. And of course the std items”

Get your children involved

The Santa Shoebox Project began because two moms wanted to teach their children the joy of sharing their good fortune with those in need.  Encourage your children to become involved – involve them in wrapping and decorating the box, selecting the items – and most especially – ask your child to write a special message to the child who you are giving the box to.

“Did my shoe box through FHPS Grade R for a little girl called Fatimah, I hope she loves all her presents such an awesome cause to support,my daughter helped to choose and wrap the presents and called herself Fatimah’s xmas fairy so cute, I hope you double you goal”

A challenge to all companies in the South

Calling on all companies in the South – large and small.  Pledging and packing Santa Shoeboxes is a fantastic, feel good, team building exercise.  Get together with your colleagues and experience the joy of giving.  Challenge other departments within your Company, branches in our area or Companies in your industry – spread the love!

“A colleague of mine was helping a friend do boxes and asked if I wanted to do a box and have never been sorry. So I decided to get my colleagues and the company to get involved. The response was unbelievable. I have managed to get 47 Santa Shoe Boxes. I am doing the shopping for 10 boxes for the company, 2 boxes of which 2 of my colleagues have given me money and my 2 boxes. My niece Samantha who is doing her Level 5 at college to become a caregiver is a great help. She just knows what clothes to get (very colourful) and also the educational toys. She makes it fun an so easy. While helping me shop she is also doing her own 2 boxes. I have also got people involved in the wrapping which I am not good at. I call them my little elves. The experience has been great and everybody here who has started shopping is having as much fun shopping as 47 children out there will have a smile on their face this Christmas”  – Loraine Lingard, Bidvest Data

Too busy to fill a box?

If you are too busy to fill a box but still keen to assist – we need you!  Sadly some boxes don’t arrive or others are short of the items that are required, in order to ensure that all children on the list receive their Santa Shoebox, we need first aid fillers.  The following first aid fillers are required and if you are able to purchase them – we can assure you, they will go a long way in ensuring all of our boxes are filled:

  • our most pressing need is for teenage girls clothing – bright colours, strappy tops – look out for sale items and bargain bins
  • teenage boy’s clothing is also required – bright tees
  • general fillers for teenage boxes – sunglasses, playing cards, deodorant, underwear, stationery, rubix cubes, caps, sanitary towels, costume jewellery
  • all fillers – toothbrushes and toothpaste, stationery, sweets (no chocolate please!), soap, face cloths and toys (no guns please!)

Drop Off

Our Drop Off is from Friday 25th – Sunday 27th October at the Klipriviersberg Recreation Centre.  We welcome you to come along, have your photo taken and meet our Team!

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