Interested in tutoring

At the beginning of 2012 (before Erin was born), I took part in a well established organization that focuses on teaching children in Alex. Tutoring these amazing children was a wonderful experience and very enriching.  Below is more information about Rose-Act and what they do. Please email Louise at if interested to tutor.

Rose-Act stands for Rosebank Action for Christ today. It is a project that arose out of Rosebank Union Church in 1991, but has grown to having over 300 learners and up to 100 voluntary tutors from many churches, corporates and businesses.

The main objective of Rose-Act is to improve the basic Maths and English of children and youth in Alexandra. We offer these academic classes as well as providing social activities designed to develop the students’ intellectual, personal and social skills and to nurture moral values. Rose-Act further aims to build a strong network within the community represented by students and parents in order to meet broader educationally related needs.


  • The school is based at the Central Johannesburg College, Alexandra campus, which is actually between Alex and Kew. It is gated and has security, so you don’t need to travel into the centre of Alex at all, and your car will be safe.
  • We teach two classes each of Grades 4 – 9
  • We start at 8h30 and finish at 14h30 with lunch given midway
  • We teach 2 hours of English and Maths in classes of about 25 learners.  Tutors only teach one subject.
  • We have a homework session at the end of the day, to practice what has been taught during the morning periods, as well as cultivating a habit of doing homework as part of their study skills. Existing tutors, as well as non-tutors, will be rostered to supervise this.
  • We aim to have 2 tutors per class. These are usually not qualified teachers. During the period, tutors share the job of      teaching and supervising
  • In Maths, we follow a set curriculum written specifically for Rose-Act, which includes term plans and daily lesson plans
  • In English, we use a set curriculum with workbooks and lesson outlines.
  • We run two 4-day holiday clubs, teaching life skills and Christian values that students need to maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle. Leaders and tutors are needed for those.