iPads for Lionhearts

We would like to feature other organisations that are doing wonderful and amazing things for the community and this week we are featuring iPads for lionhearts.

About #iPadsforLionhearts

What happens to your old iPad after you upgrade? #iPadsforLionhearts provides a simple social service:  we collect second-hand iPads and give them a new home with a child with autism on our waiting list. iPads, along with the autism-specific apps available for download in the iTunes store, are a wonderful education tool for children that can’t cope in a traditional classroom. But for families already burdened with the cost of therapies and special needs equipment, buying an iPad is just not possible. That’s where #iPadsforLionhearts comes in.

We collect iPads anywhere in SA.

There’s also more information up at our website www.ipadsforlionhearts.co.za, and our official email address is livinglionheart@gmail.com.

We are on Twitter @LivingLionheart and on Facebook at Living Lionheart (https://www.facebook.com/LivingLionheart)

So friends of The Grace Factory, if you are getting a new ipad soon and not sure what to do with your old one, PLEASE pass them onto this incredibly worthy cause!!

Together we CAN make a difference!!