Lead SA initiative

Heard about this amazing initiative on 702 and just LOVE it:

As the country approaches 20 years of  democracy, Lead SA calls on the nation to adopt a habit of volunteerism by committing 20 hours to community service between now and Freedom Day 2014.

ForGood is an interactive website that allows users to connect with charity organisations in need of volunteers or resources. Through this website you can track how many hours of community service you have “donated” towards celebrating South Africa’s 20 years of democracy.

Over 800 organisations are registered on the website and could really do with your time, money and/or goods. Should you not be able to find a cause you would like to volunteer at, you may also create an “offer” and the organisations  can then “bid” for it.

Do the right thing. Volunteer here

If interested in using your 20 hours to help us, please email info@thegracefactory.co.za