Majors for Minors

This week we received a wonderful sponsorship of 10 Majors for Minors CDs, which we will donate to 10 orphanages in need.

“At Majors for Minors we have invested in extensive research in order to understand how certain types of classical music stimulates brain development.

This research allowed us to develop our own unique formula consisting of a number of KEY ELEMENTS that, when effectively combined, create our special series of classical music.

What are these KEY ELEMENTS?

In some of our CD’s we use ONE UNIQUE KEY throughout our music which has a similar positive calming effect on the developing brain as “PINK NOISE” or “OCEAN SOUNDS” do.

Some of our flute instrument FREQUENCIES are almost Identical to the frequency of a whale call – known to calm and stimulate the developing brain.

Other special elements have been incorporated throughout the music to develop, strengthen and stimulate the growing brain. Well documented research has demonstrated the positive effect of music on the development and strengthening of patterns in the cortex in the brains of infants and young children. These pathways are also responsible for certain cognitive functions and higher learning (maths and science).

Majors for Minors are the only CD’s available produced scientifically for either ACTIVE or PASSIVE stimulating environments.”  Extract from website.

For any information please email:

Ron Friedman

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