I never really knew what/ who Milton was until Erin was born. We used Milton products when we needed to sterilise her bottles and dummies when she was a tiny little baby.

Now Milton is making a difference with their Milton Cares campaign. This campaign is really very near and dear to my heart, as I know how difficult it is for some of the children’s homes we support to purchase these products, due to budget constraints.

Milton Newsletter

Milton is on a mission to reduce gastroenteritis in South Africa and has made a commitment to make a difference by inviting you to join in

EDUCATE, NOMINATE & MAKE A DIFFERENCE.   MILTON leads the way in protecting babies from gastroenteritis with the launch of the Milton Cares Initiative.

In 2012, Intestinal infectious diseases were ranked the first leading cause of death in babies in South Africa. This includes illnesses such as gastroenteritis and diarrhoea. *Statistics South Africa. In 2009, diarrhoea was the leading cause of death among children younger than 5 years and accounted for 18% of the deaths in this age group.

Milton has made a commitment to make a difference.   Their promise, to distribute 1 000 baby bottle Combi sterilisations packs (can be used in a microwave or with cold water). Milton offers a tried and tested sterilisation solution that is scientifically proven to kill all commonly known germs including thrush. Milton is committed to reducing these frightening gastroenteritis statistics by providing world class sterilisation technology to communities in need/to babies at risk

The Milton Cares Initiative provides relief with their mobile educational sterilisation drive.   While gastroenteritis can affect every household we understand that education and understanding the effectiveness of Milton can change lives.

The nomination process could not be easier. Go to www.milton.co.za, click on the Milton Cares initiative link and submit your request.   Milton will dispatch an educator and Milton Combi packs to the area in need.   Once the request has been fulfilled, images and a short write up will be sent to the nominee. Allowing them to see the difference they have made.

When asking Milton Marketing Manager Steve Donald why, his answer was simple.   “We have the opportunity to change lives.   Milton works.   Through education and a little effort we will make a difference.”

Milton leading the way in “Maximum Protection for your baby”


Milton Cares
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