Please help us reach 100

Last week we received the wonderful news that we have provisionally been accepted as a My Village beneficiary.

All we need to do is PHYSICALLY sign up 100 people and submit/post the forms to Cape Town.

The person applying for the form doesn’t need to do much, just complete it and then swipe it with every purchase at Woolworths, Engen, Toys R us, Reggies and many others and then a portion of your purchases will come to us 🙂

When I saw that we needed to sign up 100 I thought, “ah, what an easy task”, but ah was I wrong.

I have tirelessly been trying to get 100 since Monday, I have even recruited people to get me get more forms, needless to say, we have only obtained 35….

I would REALLY like to submit the 100 soon, as everyone spends more this time of year and obviously the more they spend, the more we get. But before we get anything (I.e. money) we need 100 signed up.

If ANY of you can assist PLEASE, ask your aunty, your friend, your brother, ANYONE who will be willing to sign up. Email and I will send you the form immediately.

Thanks to everyone who has already signed up 🙂