Support the Fairy Godmother project

One of the projects of the EPIC Foundation is the FAIRY GODMOTHER PROJECT. They have assisted several schools already during this year to provide matric farewell dresses to girls who would not have attended their dance, due to lack of funds to afford the outfit. To date they have assisted just over 200 girls.

They supply the girls with the dress, shoes, evening bag and jewelry and where possible also cosmetics.

They have assisted all the schools who they had on their list.


To please find out if there are any other schools in your area who might still have a matric farewell scheduled between now and end of the year who might have girls that the Fairy Godmother Project can assist. We would like them to reach as many girls as possible. If you could please pass their details on to the Fairy Godmother Project, or even refer girls you know of in need through to them.

They do have quite a few dresses, but do need some donations of evening bags and jewelry, if anyone can assist.

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