“Thank you so much for your generous donation of nappies, milk formula and toiletries for our children at Place ABC (name protected for privacy purposes).

The families who we gave the above to, were so grateful especially for the milk formula. To give you an example, we had a 1 year old patient who is a twin and had been in the ward for a few months due to malnourishment. His mom was very ill and very poor and was unable to care for him as she herself was not well and could not afford correct formula. His other twin was luckily, healthier than him. We managed to help get his mom appropriate medical treatment and the sick twin has gone to a wonderful step-down facility called Lambano Sanctuary for food rehabilitation. We gave this mom formula from you for the other twin to ensure that she remains healthy and gets adequate nutrition. We also gave her nappies and toiletries, she was so delighted! ” Extract from thank you letter

Thank you to everyone who donates even just one bag of wet wipes, or one vest. Every single donation is worth it and in a small (but big) way your donations make a DIFFERENCE!!

This is why we love to give