Weekly Focus – Resthaven

Once a week we will be focusing on an orphanage, place of safety or day care in need that we support. This is to ensure that people can see where their donations go and also to ensure that we receive future sponsorships for these organisations in need, as not all of them have websites etc.

This week we are featuring RESTHAVEN BABY SANCTUARY, in Rosettenville. Resthaven was one of our very first orphanages we helped (drop off 06 April 2013, and subsequently in June 2013). Resthaven is run by Shahieda and her very dedicated members of staff. They normally house between 8 and 12 babies who have been abandoned or orphaned. If you’d like to contact them directly to donate please email us at info@thegracefactory.co.za and we will put you in touch.

NPO 013-089, PBO 930015922

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